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Ticket #3093 - Integração da API REST, arquivo de erros.

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1# Errors from -32000 to -32099 => Server error: Reserved for implementation-defined server-errors.
3-32700          E_PARSE_ERROR                                   Parse error
4-32600          E_INVALID_REQUEST                               Invalid Request
5-32601          E_METHOD_NOT_FOUND                              Method not found
6-32602          E_INVALID_PARAMS                                Invalid params
7-32603          E_INTERNAL_ERROR                                Internal error
8404                     E_HTTP_NOT_FOUND                                A resource matching URI '%1' was not found
9500                     E_UNKNOWN_ERROR                                 HTTP Unknown error
11# Errors inherited from Expresso Application.
121                       LOGIN_SUCCESS_LOGOUT                    You have been successfully logged out
132                       LOGIN_SESSION_EXPIRED                   Sorry, your login has expired
143                       LOGIN_NOT_LOGGED_IN                             You are not logged in
154                       LOGIN_COOKIES_REQUIRED                  Cookies are required to login to this site.
165                       LOGIN_BADLOGIN                                  bad login or password
176                       LOGIN_PASSWORD_EXPIRED                  Your password has expired, and you do not have access to change it
187                       LOGIN_AUTH_INVALID                              Your auth is invalid
1910                      LOGIN_SESSION_NOT_VERIFIED              Your session could not be verified.
2098                      LOGIN_ACCOUNT_EXPIRED                   Account is expired
2199                      LOGIN_LOGIN_BLOCKED                             Blocked, too many attempts!
22200                     LOGIN_INVALID_LOGIN                             Bad login or password
241001            CATALOG_MIN_ARGUMENT_SEARCH             Your search argument must be longer than %1 characters.
251002            MAIL_NOT_SENT                                   Your mail could not be sent.
261003            MAIL_TRASH_NOT_CLEANED                  Your trash folder could not be cleaned.
271004            MAIL_MESSAGE_NOT_FOUND                  Message not found in folder %1.
281005            MAIL_INVALID_NEW_FOLDER_NAME    Invalid folder name.
291006            MAIL_INVALID_OLD_FOLDER                 Invalid old folder.
301007            MAIL_INVALID_FOLDER                             Invalid folder.
311008            MAIL_CANNOT_DEL_DEFAULT_FOLDER  Cannot delete a default folder.
321009            MAIL_FOLDER_NOT_EMPTY                   The folder is not empty.
331010            MAIL_FOLDER_NOT_RENAMED                 The folder could not be renamed.
341011            MAIL_FOLDER_NOT_ADDED                   The folder could not be added.
351012            MAIL_FOLDER_NOT_DELETED                 The folder could not be deleted.
361013            MAIL_FOLDER_LIMIT_REACHED               Folder limit has been reached.
371014            CALENDAR_INVALID_START_DATE             Invalid start date.
381015            CALENDAR_INVALID_END_DATE               Invalid end date.
391016            MAIL_INVALID_MESSAGE                    Message does not exists.
401017            MAIL_TRASH_FOLDER_NOT_EXISTS    Trash folder does not exists.
411018            MAIL_NOT_SENT_LIMIT_EXCEEDED    The size of this message has exceeded  the limit (%1B).
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